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2d Illustration
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Vector- illustrations are mainly used for flat- colored images, like logotypes, cartoons, etc .
However, by arranging objects with slightly different color on top or next to each other, we can create more realistic images, as seen in the car- drawing at the bottom right of this- and previous page.
The more slightly different objects we use, the smoother the transitions. ( see detail at right )
Below, you can see the principle of drawing with vectors.
At far left, there' s an object featuring sharp corners, and next to it, is the same object, but some handles are added to the points, applying some tension to the curve.
By dragging the handles ( or the points ) we get another shape. 


A full explanation about vector- drawing would take many pages and therefor is beyond the purpose of this site.
Most important difference is the way we work with these files and the result we want to achieve with Bitmap- or Vector- illustrations.
As said before, this will depend mostly on final use of the file.
Since a Bitmap- illustration has a fixed resolution, we cannot enlarge its size afterwards without losing quality. A vector- illustration will always be - however big we use it - keep the same quality.

The images below, show what happens when zoomed in on a bitmap-(left) and a vector illustration ( right ).
The bitmap image clearly shows the pixels, while the vector image is still showing sharp lines.


Illustrations that need to be enlarged to be used on billboards for
instance - like a logo - are best made as a vector- illustration.

Examples of 2D illustrations can be seen in